Pets Needing Homes

At Humane Society Dawson, our priority is to find suitable homes in the Klondike Region. Keeping adoptions local means that humans and animals can visit and really get to know each-other before a commitment is made. It also means that HSD staff are on hand to help out with any “bumps in the road”. However, location is not the only factor we take into account when homing an animal, and if no suitable match can be found in the Klondike, we will look to adopting to a home elsewhere in the Yukon that fits with the individual’s personality and lifestyle.

Adoptions to homes outside of the Klondike are subject to a couple of extra clauses:

Prior to the adoption, there will a phone interview between the adopter and the HSD coordinator, followed by an in-person visit of the adopter to the HSD shelter, so that the adopter can meet the animal prior to any commitment.

After the adoption, and the animal is delivered to its new home, should there be any issues, problems, or the adoption is not working out, the animal will be returned to HSD in the safest way possible at the owner’s expense. If this occurs within 30 days of the adoption date, a refund will be issued.