8 New Puppies!

The tiny pups are only about 4 to 6 weeks old (rejected by mom), so they are going to need a LOT of time and careful socializing to grow into happy, confident, small house dogs. We have been told that the mother is part wiener, and the father a small black and white dog, breed unknown.

Pet Pictures with Santa – 2022

We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see Santa!

It was the best turnout we have ever had for Pet Pictures with Santa!

Possibly also the CUTEST! All the animals and their family were absolutely adorable!

Thank you to all the Elves, Volunteers, and Santa himself for making this fundraiser possible.

Happy Holidays Dawson!


We think that you will recognize some of our furry friends from the shelter in “DOG”, the Audience Choice Award winning short film at the 2014 Yukon 48 Hour Film Challenge!

Although this video, created by Dawson City’s Cud Easbound and Devon Berquist, was made just for fun, it portrays a reoccurring scenario at the Humane Society Dawson – intact dogs being surrendered due to aggression, house soiling, roaming, and other unruly behavioral traits.

Just like in the film, however, there is always a happy ending and second chance for our shelter dogs!


“Clancy”, a stray cat that was found last week hanging around the Bonanza Gold Motel, has been busy gaining quite the following!

He is currently being nursed back to health at the Humane Society Dawson. Although he is a little worse for wear, he has been nothing short of a sweetheart and is gaining strength every day .

He is currently accepting visitors for some much needed affection!