Surrendering an Animal

If you are thinking about surrendering your pet to the Humane Society Dawson, we require a surrender fee.

Dog – Spayed/Neutered – $50
Dog – Intact – $100

Cat – Spayed/Neutered – $35
Cat – Intact – $85

Surrender Form

Download and fill out the Surrender Form.

The Humane Society Dawson asks for a surrender fee to help pay for the vaccinations, de-worming and spay or neuter of the animal. The surrender fee also goes towards the feed & care of the animal, as well as the daily operations of keeping the animal shelter running.

 Additional fees are asked if the surrendered animal is not already spayed or neutered, so that the HSD can have the animal fixed to prevent unwanted litters, as well as provide the animal with a healthier, longer life.

Even if the animal you are wishing to surrender to the shelter is a stray, we ask for a surrender fee because our services are a benefit to everyone, and not just to those seeking to surrender their own pets.

We provide a place for people to bring stray animals that they cannot keep, and we provide shelter and care until their family is located or new homes have been found. Our purpose is to provide a shelter environment for all unwanted and lost animals.